Monday, August 23, 2010

My May project...

did not involve fabric. I stripped and painted the old dining set. Well, I painted the table and one chair. The girls painted the remaining three chairs. It's amazing how when a person is 5 they paint whatever is in their hearts without worrying about what someone else is going to say. Jessica was way more concerned what others would say about her artistic talents. She painted over parts of hers. Becca is not finished with her chair yet. She is so close, but hasn't had the creativity for finishing the project. I finally got the clear coating on the kids' chairs about a week ago. I still need to photograph the chairs. My chair started out with a dessert theme, but as I started painting, I decided that it needed some bright colors. It ended up with chili peppers on the seat. I am not really a southwestern fan, but I like the way it came out. The best part about the project, having a nice place to sit outside on the deck.

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