Sunday, August 9, 2009

So neglected...

I always want to wait until I have pics of my projects to write about them. No more! I am just going to use this thing like a daily calendar to chart the things I got done.

Today I worked on some sewing. I finished the Malibu Monkey quilt top and got the fabric stitched together for the back. It was a sew-along with OhFransson. I'm just a little behind. I think it will be cute when it is all quilted. I wonder who will want it... Every chick in my family fights over the monkey fabric things I sew.

I fixed a pair of pj's too. One less thing to do.

The dishwasher flooded the kitchen about 3 weeks ago. We got new flooring put in. It looks great! We got solid oak. Tomorrow the workmen will be coming to finish up. The baseboards need done and the rest of the trimming. It is so much nicer to walk on than the laminate.

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