Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shall I post quarterly?

It's not that I didn't get anything made. I'm just not interested enough to put it here, I guess.

My darling husband bought me a nice new Viking sewing machine for my birthday. Turns out that the darn thing was made in CHINA, something we specifically indicated that we did NOT want. It went back to the store for the next model up, since that was the only other affordable(lol) option for us. I ended up with the Sapphire 850. It came with quilting feet, something I have never used before. Talk about inspiration.

Anyway... I did make some things. My sweet nephew was the happy recipient of a sock monkey. I also stitched some fabric onto some towels to decorate them. I sewed flannel pajama pants for my girlies that are decorated with sock monkey fabric. Love the sock monkeys.

After the Christmas baking season, I got back into the sewing. I bit the bullet on the free motion quilting. I thought that I'd start with something small. I made Olivia an Olivia the pig vest. It turned out cute. Then I thought I'd make a small wall-hanging, but just jumped right into quilting a twin sized quilt. I like how it turned out. It's a wonky log cabin quilt done in reproduction 1930's fabrics. Mom made quilts from the same fabrics for the older girls so I used up some of the scraps.

The next project that I finished is a Christmas tree skirt. I love the one that crazy mom quilts made. I decided to do something similar, but using 9 patch. It didn't come out perfect, but I like it anyway. I'll have to do my math better on the next one.

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